[cairo] Cairo fails to render under Windows/MSVC

Tristam MacDonald swiftcoder at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 05:21:41 PDT 2010

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 12:47 AM, Tor Lillqvist <tml at iki.fi> wrote:
>> To test this I just installed MinGW and compiled the example with
>> that. The result is the same, i.e. the background color is rendered,
>> but the stroke, fill and text are not (even without pango, the stroke
>> and fill are not rendered).
> For what it's worth, for me, the program works fine on Windows,
> compiled with MinGW, MSVS6 or MSVC9 ("2008"). That's using the
> developer and runtime packages of pango, cairo and glib for Windows as
> on ftp.gnome.org.

I reinstalled Windows last night (unrelated issues), and having
manually installed each binary + devel package from ftp.gnome.org, the
example is working properly in both MinGW and MSVC.

I guess something in my configuration was messed up - sadly I still
don't know what. Thanks for all your help!

Tristam MacDonald

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