[cairo] [PATCH] Rely less on fast double-precision FPUs

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 19:48:10 PDT 2010

We looked at AGG before settling on a canvas library. It is (was at the
time?) slower, less flexible, produced inferior graphics and generally
wasn't up to par, at least for our purposes.

I am sure different people find different things to like in Cairo - it's
a fine product indeed. That said, I do think that image-only product
could achieve much better performance and would have found a very
significant following. I don't have hard data to back this up, but
simply based on where Cairo is used (in various toolkits etc) image
backend (perhaps with some OpenGL thrown in for good measure) should
have many more users than others.

SVG/PDF and the like have very different set of requirements/objectives
from the image surface drawing. They are relatively slow, and generally
don't care about "FPS". The fact that they are married in one product is
fine, and it's great that you guys are able to pull it off so well, but
for image drawing purposes they are more of a constraint.

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Like AGG?
> Cairo's real strength is being able to produce EPS/PDF/SVG from the same
> source.  If you don't use it, doesn't mean it's not where cairo shines :).
> behdad
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