[cairo] Problems with InvalidateRect under Windows

Tim Teulings tim at framstag.com
Mon Jun 7 13:35:41 PDT 2010


> Hi. I'm using Cairo 1.8.10 (precompiled from the GTK+ for Windows page).
> I don't know what version of pixman, if any, it's compiled against.

OK, that is different.

> My drawing code looks like this:

You are creating an offscreen buffer to draw into and then copy the 
content of the buffer back to original HDC. This is similar what I'm 
doing under X11 (should use double buffering support for a better 
version of it) but under Windows I'm just doing:



and use that surface and cairo_t for direct drawing into the DC returned 
by BeginPaint().

Shoulden't this work, too (it does not always - as described)?


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