[cairo] Are there real-world cross-platform easy-to-install wxcairo apps?

cool-RR cool-rr at cool-rr.com
Sat May 22 08:03:30 PDT 2010


I'm developing a wxPython app that will be cross-platform and will be
installed easily in every OS. I am recently considering developing all my
widgets on wxcairo. But I am worried about how portable it will be.

When I say "easy-to-install", I mean that for Mac and Windows I'll create
installers (with py2app and py2exe respectively) that will work easily for a
computer newbie, who doesn't know or care what Python or wxWidgets or Cairo

I know how hard it was for me to install cairo and pycairo on my XP box. I
also managed, after some monkeypatching, to get it packaged with py2exe so
it could be installed easily on Windows computers. But what about Mac? Is it
straightforward to package pycairo to Mac?

(To Linux I worry less because they prefer their programs packaged, not
frozen, and Linux will probably easily install pycairo with Synaptic.)

And the most important question: Is there a serious real-world application
out there that uses wxcairo, and is easy-to-install on all OSes like I want?


(P.S. Please put me in the `to` field of any replies.)
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