[cairo] Clear Screen command?

Mj Mendoza IV mjmendoza at konsolscript.org
Fri May 28 01:17:47 PDT 2010

Maarten Bosmans <mkbosmans <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I'm wondering why you would want to clear the screen first. Wouldn't
> drawing the buffer to the screen overwrite any existing content?
> If I understand your procedure correctly, this approach would cause
> screen flicker, because drawing stuff to the buffer takes some time.
> Maarten
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IIRC, clearing the screen first will make sure that any image/graphics rendered
with alpha won't _blend in_ with whatever is currently on the screen.

Anyway, I found the answer on Cairo's FAQ page -- silly me.

cairo_save (cr);
cairo_set_operator (cr, CAIRO_OPERATOR_CLEAR);
cairo_paint (cr);
cairo_restore (cr);


Mj Mendoza IV,
Developer, KonsolScript

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