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Mohan Kalyanaraman mkshree1976 at gmail.com
Mon May 31 09:09:33 PDT 2010

Hi All,

We are using Ciaro as the graphics library for our application. Just to give
a background on this application:

1. Application will be built on MFC for windows and Xcode for MAC OSX
2. MFC application will be using Cairo library built on 32 bit for Windows
and MAC OSX application will be using Caori built on 32 bit macport

My question is can 32 bit MFC application or MAC OSX 32 application using 32
Bit Cairo compilation run on 64 bit OS of windows 7 or Snow Leopard?

We tested our 32 Bit windows application on Windows 7 64 bit and it worked
fine. We did similar testing on snow leopard for application compiled using
Cairo on leopard and it also worked fine.

We wanted to have a confirmation on your end that if it possible or there
could be any issues in future?



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