[cairo] OpenVG

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Wed Sep 1 13:12:05 PDT 2010

On 08/31/2010 09:49 PM, Paul Brooker wrote:
> Hmm, not sure i understand, im not using a windowing system.

Ah, so the default is your framebuffer.

> I think i
> know what is going on now, it looks like the cairo surface targets egl
> pixel buffers and not the native display surface as i was hoping. I dont
> know anything about X but i assume an Xwindow is tied to the egl client
> pixel buffer somehow.

I tried your code on X11, it wasn't spawning a window so I though that
was the issue. In the cairo-vg there are references to dummy surfaces so
I guess might be worth looking there, I hadn't yet with much
attention.... (since I'm still waiting for having my account reenabled
from fdo admins and have at least a reply on a first simple patch to
make it buildable against mesa)



Luca Barbato

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