[cairo] Increasing performance through opencl standards

Abhishek Sharma spyzer.abhishek0 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 23:55:46 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I am rather new to cairo development(never submitted a bug, or a patch), yet
I wish to put forth a proposal to all the developers of cairo.
I am a student about to finish my B-Tech in 7 months or so. I am studying a
subject namely Parallel Computing. In this I am supposed to make(enhance) a
project to prove my skills. Now I was also a GSOC developer for the org
inskcape this year. So i thought of increasing inkscape's performance using
opencl. But the developers their told me that most of the performance of
inskcape actually depends on cairo. Thus parallelizing cairo will help other
FOSS as well.
And so here I am. I propose that I wish to start the cairo parallelization
using opencl. Functions like transformation and all, all these can be
implemented through opencl. Though we need to take care of many things while
parallelization . For instance, parallel programs require a totally
different methodology to increase performance(Gustaffson's Law and Amadahl's
Law) and may entirely change the look of the serial code, so will that be
allowed?? Does a function really need to be parallelized and if yes, then
what approach should be followed so that the parallelization doesn't result
in poor performance instead??
So to deal with all these sorts of questions and to BEGIN with cairo
development(as in "WHICH" code to parallelize) I would like to start a
discussion among the developers of this community to kindly come forward and
post their reviews and ideas.

Thank You.

Abhishek Sharma
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