[cairo] Cairo-1.10.0: generated documentation completeness?

Anne et Damien Carbonne aetdcarbonne at free.fr
Sat Sep 11 13:37:11 PDT 2010


First, let's me thank you for Cairo-1.10.

I'm in the process of completing the Ada binding for this release and 
had a look to the latest online Cairo API: I did not find anything about 
XML, Tee, Recording or Script Surfaces.
Aren't these surfaces platform independent? If the answer is positive, I 
think something is missing or went wrong in documentation generation. 
Otherwise, I guess things are normal.

Anyway, whatever the host on which Cairo is compiled / installed, is 
there a solution to generate a complete documentation, including for 
targets that are not supported by this host ?
I believe it would be useful to have the whole documentation available.

Best regards,
Damien Carbonne

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