[cairo] Copying PDF to Image (Blurry result)

Ian Britten britten at caris.com
Fri Sep 17 07:19:57 PDT 2010

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On 14/09/10 05:01 PM, Ian Britten wrote:

> I have a PDF surface containing vector data, and I want to copy a
> small portion of it to a large(r) image, basically producing a
> high-resolution image of a part of the source area.

> As you can see, the resulting image is blurry/etc.

> Is my expectation wrong? Should I be able to get what I'm
> expecting, namely a high-quality enlarged image? Or am I
> off-base? Or maybe doing it the wrong way?

Sorry for the repost, but I was wondering if anyone could offer
any info on this?  I've got a bunch of changes I'm planning, based
on the premise that it should work, but if it's not possible, I'll
have to go back to square one and come up with a new approach...
Many thanks for any info!

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