[cairo] cairo_surface_write_to_png and 32-bit visuals in 1.10.0

Ross Alexander Ross.Alexander at EU.NEC.COM
Tue Sep 28 02:36:09 PDT 2010

Background: I was tired of using xwd, especially as it does not support RGBA 32 bit visuals.  I hacked together a program from the latest xwininfo (based on XCB) to get the Window ID using a pointer selection and then created a surface based on that ID.

#ifdef XLIB
  cairo_surface_t *surface = cairo_xlib_surface_create(dpy, target_win, vinfos[0].visual, geom->width, geom->height);
  cairo_surface_t *surface = cairo_xcb_surface_create(conn, target_win, v, geom->width, geom->height);
  cairo_surface_write_to_png(surface, file);

This works fine for 24-bit visual windows but with 32-bit visuals (eg gnome-terminal) I get the following error.

xwd: cairo-xcb-surface.c:504: _get_image: Assertion `reply->depth == surface->depth' failed.

Using xlib on 32-bit visuals doesn’t fail but instead produces a zero sized PNG file.

I understand this may be an abuse of cairo for which it wasn’t designed and I maybe should use XImage or Xrender (I haven’t actually looked at render for image transfers) but as cairo has most of this code already I was hoping for some pointers.

Many thanks


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