[cairo] [PATCH] [cairo-gl] Fix support for gl window surface resizes

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 12:25:02 PST 2011

Andrea Canciani wrote:

> Maybe Bill can provide some additional details about what is the correct
> way to have a serial without the wraparound issue.

Not really, what I imagined is exactly what the first patch has.

Best idea I have for an "improvement" is an additional boolean along 
with the serial number:

setsize(surface,...) {
   if (surface->serial_looked_at) {
     surface->serial_looked_at = false;

use(..., surface) {
   if (this->last_serial != surface->serial) {
     surface->serial_looked_at = true;

This would then only fail if there were exactly UINT_MAX-1 different 
users of the surface and they all looked at it between two resizes. So 
not perfect either...

Personally I don't think this is a problem as it is far too unlikely to 

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