[cairo] performance tuning questions

cs changosurf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 20:01:37 PST 2011


Im new here, and *relatively* new to cairo programming.

I have some questions about performance tuning.


I have an application where speed/performance are a very high priority.

This application only uses a few basic drawing/filling routines (no arcs,
curves, image overlays, etc.), and png is the only output format that we

Up until now, we've been using GD, and have recently converted over to

Although the quality has greatly improved (thanks mostly to cairo's
anti-aliasing), we've noticed a significant performance hit (graphics
processing time has increased noticeably).

We've been using the 'stock' cairo libs shipped with our linux distro
(fedora), and now we're considering building cairo from scratch & removing
as many extra features as possible.


Assuming that we successfully achieve creating a minimal cairo build, should
we see an improvement in performance?

Are there any other steps that can be taken in order to improve cairo's

Any help/feedback woul be greatly appreciated.




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