[cairo] Thread safety in 1.10.x

Sebastian H. vand2 at gmx.de
Fri Sep 2 06:12:43 PDT 2011

Am 02.09.2011 13:52, schrieb Chris Wilson:
> On Fri, 02 Sep 2011 13:46:01 +0200, "Sebastian H." <vand2 at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hello again
>> I've written a small multithreaded C++ testcase that crashes with
>> cairo 1.10.x on every 5th start or so (on my quadcore machine).
>> With cairo from git-master it seems all good.
>> http://xwmw.org/misc/cairo_mt.tar.bz2
>> Please, will there be a release of 1.10.3 with thread safetiy patches
>> applied? Or is there maybe a 1.12.0 release somewhere at the horizon?
> The fix to not assume pixman_image_ref is atomic is sitting in the 1.10
> branch, but also I am working hard on getting the many improvements
> Adrian, Andrea and Uli have made into a 1.12 release.

Hello Chris,
thank you for the reply!

As for my humble case it would be perfectly enough to have a 1.10.3
with the pixman_image_ref patch applied.
(The last time I checked it wasn't in the 1.10 branch yet.)
But if 1.12 is the way it goes, I'll just wait and/or think of a
workaround (like blacklisting certain versions for multithreading).


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