[cairo] [PATCH 1/2] Don't unconditionally link against librt

Dave Yeo dave.r.yeo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:38:31 PDT 2011

On 09/02/11 04:09 am, Andrea Canciani wrote:
> Sorry for not speaking up before.
> I've been working on moving the perf time functions to src/ and using it
> both in observer and in perf/ in my wip/cairo-time* branches.
> In the last few days I've been unable to connect to internet, but today
> I managed to rebase on master and check that everything was ok
> (as in "builds on liinux, macosx and win32").
> I just pushed it to master, but I am unable to test more exotic systems
> like OS/2 (which seems to have APIs to access high-resolution counters),
> so feedback about them would be appreciated.

This part compiles fine now. Much nicer then the quick hacks I 
submitted, thanks

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