[cairo] crosscompiling cairo with mingw64

kees de jong omekeesje at ziggo.nl
Thu Sep 22 13:28:23 PDT 2011

Many thanks to all who tried to help me!
After reading your mails, I have again tried to compile cairo
with mingw64, incorporating some of your remarks.
I think now, after having done a lot of trials with several different
configure options, that the combination mingw64 and cairo as for now
is not possible, unless you are willing to spend a lot of time doing
things that I expected configure to do.
So I say farewell to cairo for the time being.
As I only need a simple 2d drawing library to display the results
of certain calculations, maybe cairo is overkill.
I tried already GTK+ , as that is the library I work with on linux,
but could not compile that either (of course because it depends
on cairo).
Maybe somebody can give me a hint about a free and simply to build
2d graphics library???

Kees de Jong

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