[cairo] Linker Errors when compiling cairomm

Matthias Neuhaus matthias.neuhaus at cs.tu-dortmund.de
Wed Jul 4 15:59:38 PDT 2012


i am stuck in the following situation: i compiled cairo as described on 
the page (http://cairographics.org/download/, Building On Windows 
(Mozilla Build Environment flavor)), as a static library both in debug 
and release configuration. After that, i wanted to compile cairomm: i 
put in the paths to cairo and libsigc++, but i always get 267 Linker 
errors (unresolved externals). For me it looks like the cairomm doesn't 
work with the static library alone, but it needs the dll too.

I also tried to compile it the way described on this page 
By following that guide i succeeded building cairomm in release, and 
also with all the dependencies dynamically linked. But the problem is, i 
can't get it build in debug configuration, and so debugging my own 
applications that are using cairomm doesn't work.

Can anyone please give me any advice how to get cairo + cairomm compiled 
in debug and release mode? Or is it possible that i can use the release 
configuration of cairomm, while my program is built in debug mode?


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