[cairo] cairo 1.12 crashes X server

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 08:35:57 PDT 2012

Will follow your suggestions, thanks!

It would be great if this could be also looked at on Cairo side. The
crash occurs on a number of common distributions which means that our
application cannot be used on these. Telling users to "upgrade" is, as
you are probably aware, not a popular suggestion (they'll just dump our
application instead).

> I'm shocked, X crashing...
> In the Xorg.0.log file there will a rudimentary backtrace (no symbols),
> but at least it will indicate which part of the call chain needs
> investigation (driver vs extension vs core). However, to get any useful
> information out we need to attach gdb. This can be done either by
> attaching gdb to X one it is running or by generating a corefile upon
> crash (with X -core and appropriate ulimits). To attach gdb post-mortem,
> use gdb X $corefile . Once you have the crash inside gdb, type 'bt full'
> and send the stacktrace to the guilty parties and xorg-dev at lists.x.org.
> -Chris

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