[cairo] Cairo crash with a simple stroke (win32)

Fred bca21 fredbca21 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 08:13:02 PST 2012


Thank you Martin for your answer. The thing is, it is a feature that a
surface built on a HDC gets the right clipping region. It is indeed
possible to manually overwrite, re-compute and apply the clipping
region to the cairo context, but it is probably better just to fix
cairo and this feature :-). Also, this problem is also probably
occuring in other cases (it is a crash in the compositing functions).

Has anyone found a way to fix it properly?

I'll double check with the new 1.12.8 that has just been released
(there seem to be changes in this area), but it would be great to have
feedback from the experts.



2012/10/30 Martin Schlemmer <Martin.Schlemmer at nwu.ac.za>:
> Hi,
>> After some additionnal debugging, it appears that the raw data pointer
>> (unsigned char *data;) in the destination image surface for the
>> compositor is invalid, hence the crash. I have not been able to find
>> out where this comes from yet (the multiple casts throughout the code
>> does not make easy for a newcomer to track this field in the image
>> surface). All I can say is it is valid when the fallback image for the
>> surface is created, at the beginning of the cairo_stroke call.
>> Does anybody have any clue? I feel a bit lonely on this issue :).
> I am not sure if its a feature or a bug, but if you remove the bits that sets the Clip Region directly on the HDC, it does not crash.
> I assume that you should rather use:
>   cairo_rectangle ()
>   cairo_clip ()
> on the created context.
> I could however be incorrect, and that creating a surface from a HDC which already has a Clip Region set directly on the HDC should not give current results - maybe somebody can verify?
> Regards,
> Martin
>>2012/10/25 Fred bca21 <fredbca21 at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> I have just tested with the latest cairo release (1.12.6), and it
>> appears that the issue is still here (crash at the exact same
>> location). Has anyone an idea of how to fix it? Should I maybe post
>> this to the bugs mailing list?
>> Regards,
>> Fred.
>> 2012/10/19 Fred bca21 <fredbca21 at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am new to this list but I have been using cairo and monitoring posts
>>> for a couple of months now. I have a strange issue on windows when the
>>> intersection between the clipping region and the drawing is very
>>> small, so I am posting here with the hope that someone can help (I am
>>> a bit too new to cairo's internals to debug this problem).
>>> Typically, the simple code below crashes (I am using a DDB bitmap for
>>> the example, but it also crashes with any DC).
>>> #include "cairo.h"
>>> #include "cairo-win32.h"
>>> #include <windows.h>
>>> {
>>> // build a bitmap (same issue with DIB, whatever the bit depth)
>>> HDC dc=::CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);
>>> HBITMAP hBmp=::CreateCompatibleBitmap(dc,100,200);
>>> ::SelectObject(dc,hBmp);
>>> // set clip region for the DC to one single line in the middle of the bitmap
>>> HRGN hrgn = CreateRectRgn(0,100,100, 101);
>>> SelectClipRgn(dc, hrgn);
>>> ::DeleteObject(hrgn);
>>> // create cairo context
>>> cairo_surface_t* surface=cairo_win32_surface_create(dc);
>>> if(surface)
>>> {
>>> cairo_t* context=cairo_create(surface);
>>> if(context)
>>> {
>>> // draw one line
>>> cairo_move_to(context,1, 1);
>>> cairo_line_to(context,10,120);
>>> cairo_set_source_rgb(context,1,1,1);
>>> // CRASHES HERE (see below):
>>> cairo_stroke(context);
>>> // cleanup
>>> cairo_destroy(context);
>>> }
>>> cairo_surface_destroy(surface);
>>> }
>>> }
>>> The crash occurs in cairo-image-compositor.c, on line 2197, in
>>> _fill_xrgb32_lerp_opaque_spans():
>>>                 } else while (len--) {
>>>                     // On this line below, d has an invalid address
>>>                     *d = lerp8x4 (r->u.fill.pixel, a, *d);
>>>                     d++;
>>>                 }
>>> If it may help, am using the static lib version of the latest release
>>> (1.12.4 - pixman 26.2), and it crashes in debug or release mode, 32 or
>>> 64-bit windows. It's too bad because this crash occurs all the time in
>>> my code that extensively uses clipping regions!
>>> This crash also occurs with the previous version of cairo (1.12.2) and
>>> pixman 26.0, but at a different stage (in pixman if I remember well),
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