[cairo] Does Cairo Use Hardware Acceleration?

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 06:56:41 PDT 2012


Thank you for the information. Regarding contributing to Cairo as a
team member, I am sorry I don't have much (any) experience working in
a team environment or with an OSS project.

I can do pulls from svn, and I have a git hub account and have managed
to send my own changes and notes using git, but only for my own
projects. I haven't had to deal with working with other people. This
project is my first attempt at that and I am unfamiliar with managing
patches, merges, commits, or branches from others. What I need is a
mentor in that area to help me get started.

What I can offer is some advice on Direct2D. I made the first request
to Microsoft to take on the project and started the Wikipedia article
on it. Part of my API bridges some gaps in Direct2D which Cairo would
need to replicate if it were to have a Direct2D back end, and since my
API is modeled mostly after Cairo, albeit in an OO manner, much of
what I've written could be ported back to a Cairo Direct2D back end
relatively easily.

Specifically copying bitmaps (patterns or surfaces in Cairo) between
contexts. In Direct2D this is a problem since some resources (brushes
and bitmaps) as device dependent. The solution I came up with is to
make sure render targets are compatible and using sharable bitmaps to
copy between render targets. This is essentially what I was asking
about in Cairo when I posted this question a month ago:


Anyhow, this is a bit off topic from the original question related to
this thread. If anyone would like to discuss making Direct2D work like
Cairo, I can offer advice because I've already done it once and have
knowledge of its problems/performance tuning. If anyone wants to
message me privately about that sort of thing I've be happy to help.

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