[cairo] cairo_quartz_surface_create does not account for retina resolution

Jason Smith jason.smith at xamarin.com
Sun Sep 30 14:18:35 PDT 2012

Hello :)

I am currently trying to make my application render properly under retina
resolutions. We use cairo to perform all of our rendering and will
occasionally need to cache rendered elements using a cairo surface. This
helps speed up animations dramatically by removing the need to re-render a
complex element each time.

Unfortunately it seems that when we use cairo_quartz_surface_create, the
surface created does not account for the retina resolution of the screen,
and is instead created in pure pixel space. This causes text on cached
surfaces to look fuzzy when rendered back onto the primary surface.
cairo_quartz_surface_create_similar produces the same result.

I am willing to test out patches or take my hand at writing my own patches
if need be, but I would like and will need some guidance.
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