[cairo] Is Cairo fo me?

José Antonio Carmena jcurru at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 12 07:22:48 PDT 2013


I'm new to Cairo. Glad to be here. I'm not an english speaker so excuse my mistakes, please.

Let's go.

We are developing a powerful application with 2D graphics in OpenGL, but we have reached a point where lines and points are not enough. We need dashed thick lines, double or triple thick lines, drawing SVGs in OpenGL, filled complex polygons, etc. We tried to develop some of these functions without success.

We found Cairo and wonder if it would be a good choice. It should solve the problems I mentioned above, plus working under Linux, Mac and Windows, without any code modification.

Does Cairo meet these requirements?

By the way, now we are developing in Embarcadero (formerly Borland). Have you tried to use Cairo in that IDE?

Many thanks in advance for your answers!
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