[cairo] Cairo test

Yannick Poirier contact at yannickpoirier.fr
Fri Jul 12 03:52:57 PDT 2013

I'm writting a cairo backend.
To implement my missing functions, I would like to write a simple test to
reproduce the following path :

cairo-spans-compositor.c _cairo_spans_compositor_paint ()
cairo-spans-compositor.c clip_and_composite_boxes ()
cairo-spans-compositor.c composite_aligned_boxes ()
compositor->composite_boxes( *_dst, op, source, mask, src_x, src_y,
mask_x, mask_y,  dst_x, dst_y, boxes, extents)

Where src and mask types are CAIRO_PATTERN_TYPE_SOLID

I understand that in composite_aligned_boxes()
cairo_bool_t need_clip_mask = ! _clip_is_region (extents->clip);

need_clip_mask should be TRUE
( else it goes directly to compositor->fill_boxes() )

But I don't known how to achieve this goal.

A hit would be appreciated :)

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