[cairo] Firefox/Gtk3 - possible cairo clipping bug

Martin Stransky stransky at redhat.com
Mon Jul 22 03:08:17 PDT 2013

On 20.7.2013 13:47, Uli Schlachter wrote:
> Doesn't Mozilla bundle its own copy of cairo? How does this even work?
> Firefox would use its own copy of cairo while Gtk3 links against libcairo and
> uses another version.
> AFAIR there is some pre-processor magic to rename the symbols of the bundled
> cairo copy, but does anything make sure that no cairo state is passed between
> the bundled and the system cairo copy?
> (I don't think that this has anything to do with the issue at hand, because I
> would expect crashes if something goes wrong here. This question just came to my
> mind.)


Mozilla can use both - embedded one or system one. The Firefox Gtk3 port 
uses the system cairo, because as you point it those two can't be mixed.

>> Do you guys have an idea where should I look at? Any debugging hints?
> [...]
> If you think that you are seeing a cairo issue, it might be interesting to know
> which cairo version you are using and if you also tried older/newer cairo versions.
> Also, assuming you are using cairo-xlib, it might be worth a try to set
> CAIRO_DEBUG=xrender-version=-1.-1 or CAIRO_DEBUG=xrender-version=0.0 in the
> environment. This should cause quite different code paths to be used inside of
> cairo.
> However, in comment [0] this doesn't sound like a cairo bug. I would be really
> surprised if cairo_clip() somehow accidentally loses a clip and would start
> producing a "no-clip" result.
> Perhaps it would be a good start to step through the last cairo_clip() call and
> check how the clip got lost. This code is quite simple and basically just calls
> into _cairo_clip_intersect_path() which handles all complicated cases by copying
> the path and adding to the list of clip paths. Not much that can go wrong here...

Thanks a lot for those tips! I have done some debugging in cairo_paint() 
and it looks like the clip is not applied - there are only two clipping 
edges (IIRC the way contains 8 edges) in cairo_paint().

However I don't fully understand how the clipping polygon is 
constructed/applied but the two edges does not look correct (I compared 
correct and incorrect code paths with the same rendering parameters).

But there's something in Firefox/cairo/gtk which causes the clipping 
(set by cairo_clip()) is ignored - it fails only once in fifteen times.

I'm going to debug more it and keep you updated.


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