[cairo] compilation error related to cairo libs

Lijun Diao ljdiao at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 13:05:48 PDT 2013

Hi, Mike:

Thanks for your reply. Actually my error is:

/opt/ncarg/lib/libncarg_gks.a(cro.o): In function `cro_SoftFill':
cro.c:(.text+0x100e): undefined reference to `cairo_move_to'

So I think the function 'cairo_move_to' function (lib?) is missing and I 
could not find the function, cairo_move_to, in all the cairo related libs 
installed on my system.

So I suspect either the cairo libs installer is old vesion or different 
version. I just want to know which version of cairo libs has such kind of 
function as "cairo_move_top".


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> From: Lijun Diao <ljdiao at gmail.com>

>Hi, all:
>It is the second time I am sending the e-mail. I am not sure the first one
was sent successfully since I am new register. My questions is:
>I am compiling to build an executable and got the error messages as:
>>/opt/ncarg/lib/libncarg_gks.a(cro.o): In function `GetCROClipping':

I believe that those functions are actually in GKS's Cairo backend.

Have you linked all the GKS libraries?

-Mike Gran 

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