[cairo] Cairo Roadmap

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Nov 12 23:29:38 PST 2014

I've taken a shot at updating the roadmap, since the old one was causing
a bit of confusion (see the PDF metadata thread...)


== The Past ==

For 1.12, the old roadmap listed a number of things which I'm not sure
ever got finished.  I didn't spot them in the 1.12 release notes
anyway.  So I've moved these down to a new 'Unknown / Future' section.
I'd appreciate feedback on if any of these things did land, and if not,
what the current status is.

I replaced the 1.12 section with a highlights list of new features
mentioned in the 1.12.* release notes.  Again, feedback appreciated.

For the 1.14 section I likewise stole from the 1.14.0 release notes.
Since 1.14 is now stable it will focus on bugfixes, so I don't
anticipate we'll have much more to add here.

== The Future ==

For 1.16 I've listed three things that I personally anticipate
contributing in the coming months:

 • Path effects API. A gaussian blur effect will be introduced with this
   API for creating arbitrary path shadowing.

 • Perspective transform addition to Cairo's matrix functionality.

 • GLESv3 support for OpenGL backend

In truth, these three things have already been implemented by others;
they just need to be reeled in to shore (refactored, tests written,
etc.)  Depending on what my 2015 work goals look like I may add more to
the list, but can't make any promises right now.

If you have features you plan to be sending patches for, and would like
to have registered on the roadmap, let me know and I'll stick them on.

Or, if you (or someone else) have already posted patches but they're
stuck in limbo, let me know that too.


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