[cairo] Build cairo with mingw for qt support

fanc999 at yahoo.com.tw fanc999 at yahoo.com.tw
Thu Nov 20 06:48:34 PST 2014

Hi Theuns,

For references, I was able to build the QT backend with Visual Studio 
after making the sys/time.h conditional and fixing the build of 

You might want to check that you really used the Windows builds of 
QT-4.x (i.e. available at the QT project site, or you built it using 
MinGW yourself, which is going to take quite a while!), and check that 
the .pc files for your QT installation, if you obtained them from 
somewhere, that it does not refer to a *NIX backend. The X11 items means 
that your cairo-QT build flags are wrong somehow, as that is meant for 
*NIX builds mainly.

Hope this helps, with blessings!

Theuns Heydenrych 於 2014/11/20 下午 10:24 寫道:
> HI, i would like to build Cairo with mingw on win7 for qt support.
> So far i have cloned the git repo for cairo, run the autogen.sh from 
> MSYS console, and the run the configure script with --enable-qt=yes, i 
> have run into a few errors with qt header files not found, and fix the 
> problem regarding those.
> But now the build i looking for <X11/XLib.h> header file that i cant 
> find anywhere in the build environment. Not in Mingw or MSYS or Qt.
> Any suggestions regarding this?
> .

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