[cairo] Release planning for 1.14.0

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Sep 24 18:03:52 PDT 2014

As I think folks have noticed, I've been working on prepping a 1.14.0
release for Cairo.  I hope I'm not stepping on ickles' toes too hard!

Here's where we're at:

 * Ravi is working on the null check patch Chris suggested as follow-on
   to the error surface patch that landed yesterday.

 * Bill is working on an update to make xlib/xcb backends use filtering
   like the image backend.  I want to make sure we include this for

 * We still have some milestoned bug reports left, a number of which
   have patches in progress (or ready for review).  It sounds like
   tradition is not to delay the release based on milestone bugs, so I'm
   not treating them like blockers.  However, the more that can get
   fixed in the time available, the merrier.

 * Anything else?

As far as the release process itself, I've done a few practice dry runs
and sorted out some random glitches, and feel am good to go.  I'm
estimating to give about a week to resolve the above matters.

I've also volunteered to do a 1.12.18 after 1.14.0 is done and out the
door, with some selected fixes from 1.14.  A late-October timeframe
seems likely for this.

Looking down the road a bit, I'm figuring the 1.14.0 release may shake
out some additional bugs, patches, build problems, etc. so am planning
to do a 1.14.2 point release as follow up before the end of the year.
One feature I'd like to add is a projective transformation patch that
was proposed some time back.

I've also been looking at getting some of the stuff from Samsung's
cairogles fork integrated upstream.  That involves some API changes, so
I don't know if it's appropriate for 1.14; if not maybe we should open


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