[cairo] Not outputting complex documents in cairo

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Thu Dec 24 16:35:29 PST 2015

I'v used cairo to draw some stuff, and it's great. Now i need to print it
(or export it as PDF, which is just as well, or maybe some other form).

However, making a document out of a drawing requires extra stuff that i
don't draw with cairo (tables and other textual things) and i don't really
want to do page layout all by myself.

So i was thinking along the lines of making some kind of template using
external applications (editors), and then just using PDF, SVG, or PS
backend to output the drawn parts and use these (as well as some of the
original data used in the drawing process) to fill out the empty spaces
left in the template.

What do you think? Is that the right way of doing things?
What kind of template format would be the easiest to use for this?
So far i was only able to think of HTML (use SVG backend to export the
drawing, everything else is HTML/CSS; open with any browser and do anything
you want) and SVG (use SVG backend to export the drawing, splice it into a
template SVG file, fill out other parts of the SVG file with text; my SVG
is rusty - how is it at handling text? Can it have multiple pages?).
I don't know PDF or PS well enough to be able to work with them directly.

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