[cairo] Drawing Single Pixel Lines

Christos Sotiriou csotiriou at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 14:00:44 PST 2015


for an application using GTK and Cairo for its back-end I am drawing to
*integer* *coordinates* (cairo scale is 1) for efficiency using simple
cairo function calls.

I would like to draw single pixel lines. In Cairo version
cairo-1.14.0-2.fc20.x86_64, using a line width of *1 (or 1.0)* works fine.

In Cairo version 1.8.8-2.1.48 (Suse) a line width of 1 does not draw the
line at all, or draws halfway.

When I change the line width to *2 (or 2.0)*, the line is drawn. I know
that in the FAQ a line width of 2.0 is recommended :

Is this the only solution, i.e. to change the line width to 2.0? When I do
that the lines appear slightly thicker that I would like!

Thank you for your help,


Christos P. Sotiriou
email: csotiriou at gmail.com
Cell (GR): +30 697 8984 222
Cell (US): +1 858 247 9436
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