[cairo] [PATCH] add "surface_transform" parameter to "replay_and_create_regions" function

Guillaume Ayoub guillaume.ayoub at kozea.fr
Thu Dec 31 04:54:37 PST 2015


I have tried twice to send a patch in 2013, but nobody answered :(.

Here is the description of the patch:

 > This patch adds a "surface_transform" parameter to the 
"replay_and_create_regions" function.
 > It was already done in surface_replay_with_clip, as the matrix is 
obviously needed for the clip. But now, because of the optimization 
done in commit 09b42c7, it's also needed by replay_and_create_regions: 
get_target_extents clips the target surface for performance issues, and 
therefore needs the surface_transform matrix to get the right clipping 

I can provide further information if needed. Please let me know if 
there's anything wrong with this patch, or if I can do anything to make 
it find its way to the repository.

The patch is available here:

The bug have been introduced in commit 09b42c7:

An example of what this bug causes have been reported here:

Thank you, and happy new year!

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