[cairo] bug in Firefox print to PDF

Richard diff381 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 13:54:35 PDT 2015

I found a bug in the Firefox print to PDF feature under Ubuntu, which
appears to be implemented with Cairo. I first reported it on Firefox's
bugzilla, although I don't really know if the issue is with Firefox,
Ubuntu, or Cairo.

What I think is happening is that if Firefox uses a Type-1 font, then the
FontBBox line in the PDF file is invalid. The invalid line will consist of
of 4 binary numbers, when it should consist of 4 signed integers.

This error causes Adobe Reader (under Windows 7) to display an error dialog
box, although the PDF is displayed correctly.

Has this been fixed in a newer version of Cairo? (Firefox seems to use
version 1.9.5.) (I did search bugs.freedesktop.org, but I didn't find
anything that I thought was relevant.)

I put more details and example files at:

Thank you,

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