[cairo] disable antialias for a surface

Jian Ye jiany at cdpcom.com
Mon Mar 2 13:03:09 PST 2015

I need the "disable antialias" feature because some of my bar codes no 
longer have sharp edges comparing with the image I drew through Window's 
DC. I suspect disabling antialias will get the sharp edge back. I also 
suspect antialias slow things down. My batch processing program 
generates many images, so some speedup is quite valuable.

I tested
cairo_set_antialias(cr, CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_NONE);

It has no effect in my case, and I understand it is just a hint for the 
back end.

I searched the archive and found some messages about "disable subpixel 
antialiasing" from Jan-2011.  It seems that there was no solution at 
that time, hopefully someone can give an update on the current 
situation. Suggestions for improving the bar code is also appreciated.


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