[cairo] [PATCH] Make utilites buildable on modern Linux distro (RHEL-7).

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Fri Mar 6 00:25:04 PST 2015

On 2015-03-06, 01:41 GMT, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Personally for cairo-trace, I think csi-trace and csi-bind should be
> used from the master trunk instead of having their own copies.  They're
> already starting to diverge a bit.  Then cairo-trace could become a
> data-only repository and not need a build system at all, which would be
> nice.  I think a new filetype would need to be established for the
> compressed traces, though.

Actually I am all for making cairo-trace clean data-only 
repository. Given its size, I don’t it should be made into 
proprer distro package (I feel compassion for all those mirrors 
who carry this beast), so I think it should be used just on 
as-needed basis by some testing scripts. Then it would be way 
more simple if all executables were in the cairo proper (aren’t 
they anyway? I see util/cairo-script/csi-bind.c and 
util/cairo-script/csi-trace.c in the main repo).

However, that is not the biggest problem I have. I was working 
for a week on making a way how to run perf/* utilities during 
the ordinary RHEL QA testing. In the end I have crashed and 
burned on the fact that perf/* utilities apparently could be run 
only from the build tree and they cannot be installed (and I am 
not a C programmer by any stretch of imagination).  Would you 
(or anybody) have an idea how to make perf/* utils (especially 
cairo-perf-micro, but cairo-perf-diff and cairo-analyse-trace 
would be lovely as well) into something which could run even 
after making install from /usr/bin? There seems to be some steps 
towards it in the Debian package patches 
/01_build_perf_utils.patch/) but it would be lovely if we got 
all this to the main cairo repository.

In the end I have just written script which downloads all 
required packages, builds cairo, and then runs tests from the 
build tree, but I really don’t like that.

Any ideas how to proceed?



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