[cairo] Qahirah: A High-Level Cairo API Binding For Python 3

Olaf Schmidt ng at vbRichClient.com
Thu Mar 12 10:05:02 PDT 2015

Am 12.03.2015 um 08:05 schrieb Lawrence D'Oliveiro:

> Even-odd fill rule is wrong for this example. I wondered why you did
> that: so it was to cover up your misunderstanding of the maths.

Ok, then let's remove the even_odd-fillrule again from your code -
and repeat the exercise...

Same example, same parameters - which (for remembrance) were:
{"curve_factor" : 1.6, "tilt" : 125 * deg}

My correct tile-output (with outcommented even-odd-fillrule) is this:

Your incorrect tile-output is this one here:

For comparison, here again the two variants from my previous post,
both with applied even-odd-fillrule:


So your amount of coverage is definitely not enough (no matter which
fillrule) ... that much to your "applied math".


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