[cairo] tile mode in xps, and how to tile through cairo

Michele Cleary clearlymichele at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 06:50:51 PDT 2015

  I’m seeing a tileMode in an xps 1.fpage, below.  Doesanyone know how to get Cairographics to show a tile mode?  The xps is showing up on the printout as redchecks on a clear/no background. This is showing over a solid blue triangle.I’m trying to get cairo to do the red check opacity mask.   "<FixedPagexmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/xps/2005/06"Width="816" Height="1056" xml:lang="en-US">   <CanvasRenderTransform="1,0,0,1,20,50">    <PathFill="#0000ff" Data="M 10,10 L 300,80 L 180,240 Z"/>    <Canvas>   <Canvas.OpacityMask>                                <VisualBrushViewbox="0,0,2,2" ViewboxUnits="Absolute"Viewport="0,0,6,6" ViewportUnits="Absolute"TileMode="Tile">                                                <VisualBrush.Visual>                                                                <PathFill="#ffffffff" Data="M 0,0 L 1.5,0 L 1.5,1.5 L 0,1.5 Z"/>                                                </VisualBrush.Visual>                                </VisualBrush>   </Canvas.OpacityMask>                 <PathFill="#ff0000" Data="M 20,40 L 270,40 L 270,200 L 20,200Z"/>   </Canvas>  </Canvas></FixedPage>"
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