[cairo] API functions for retrieving width and height of DirectFB surface

Alexander.Bofinger at gmx.net Alexander.Bofinger at gmx.net
Sat Mar 28 05:05:16 PDT 2015

attached cairo 1.14.2 source for DirectFB surface has been complemented by 
two API functions, cairo_directfb_surface_get_width and 
cairo_directfb_surface_get_height. Furthermore, it lies at hand to 
implement API functions for retrieving width and height of a drawable 
surface in general, as in attached modification to surface.c by 
functions cairo_drawable_surface_get_width and 
cairo_drawable_surface_get_height which, on their part, first determine 
the type of drawing surface (image, X11, drm, ..., DirectFB) and then call 
the respective retrieval function. To me, these function seem 
indispensable for developing truly 'platform independent' graphics 
software using Cairo.


Alexander Bofinger

Josef-Schell-Str. 12
53121 Bonn

e-mail: Alexander.Bofinger at gmx.net
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