[cairo] *gl-surface-source: CRASH! Re: make check failed while all tests passed

darxus at chaosreigns.com darxus at chaosreigns.com
Wed Aug 10 21:22:01 UTC 2016

Changing all the "return NULL"s to "return CAIRO_TEST_UNTESTED" didn't

Adding "return NULL" right before "return surface", it says it's untested
instead of crashed.

That "return surface" looks really weird to me, but lots of the tests do
it.  How is this supposed to work?

    surface = cairo_gl_surface_create (device,
                                       size, size);

    return surface;

On 08/10, darxus at chaosreigns.com wrote:
> darxus at dancer:~/source/cairo/test$ DISPLAY=:5 ./cairo-test-suite gl-surface-source

None of that crashes when I run it on my regular X display instead of Xvfb:

darxus at dancer:~/source/cairo/test$ ./cairo-test-suite gl-surface-source

TESTING cairo-test-suite

Compiled against cairo 1.15.2, running on 1.15.2.
Compiled against pixman 0.33.6, running on 0.33.6.

TESTING gl-surface-source
gl-surface-source.ps2.argb32 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.ps2.rgb24 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.ps3.argb32 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.ps3.rgb24 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.script.argb32 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.gl.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.gl.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.gl-window.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.gl-window-msaa.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.gl-window&.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.egl.argb32 [0x1]:	FAIL
gl-surface-source.xcb.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb-window.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb-window&.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb-render-0_0.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb-render-0_0.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xcb-fallback.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xlib.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xlib.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xlib-window.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xlib-render-0_0.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.xlib-fallback.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.image.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.image.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.image16.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.recording.argb32 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source.recording.rgb24 [0x1]:	PASS
gl-surface-source: FAIL
0 Passed, 1 Failed [0 crashed, 0 expected], 0 Skipped
ps2 (argb32): 1 failed - gl-surface-source
ps2 (rgb24): 1 failed - gl-surface-source
ps3 (argb32): 1 failed - gl-surface-source
ps3 (rgb24): 1 failed - gl-surface-source
script (argb32): 1 failed - gl-surface-source
egl (argb32): 1 failed - gl-surface-source

Note: These failures may be due to external factors.
Please read test/README -- "Getting the elusive zero failures".

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