[cairo] Keeping PDF elements outside the visible area

Martin Koegler martin.koegler at chello.at
Thu Apr 12 06:59:57 UTC 2018

For seanless printing, you need a few mm at each side continuing the content ("bleed").
This content is outside the normal visible area (PDF trim box).

If you create a PDF using cairo, it will crop most objects to the page size - so objects
beyond the page size are not present any more in the PDF and you can't change PDF boxes
later in the processing to add some bleed.

Technically this would be possible, if _cairo_pdf_surface_get_extents would return an infinite
rectangle. That way, all content is present in the PDF and the content is cropped via the PDF boxes.
You can later change the PDF boxes to create the necessary bleed.

What kind of API would you suggest for cairo to allow to include all objects in the PDF.


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