[cairo] Last call for a 1.17.6 snapshot

Emmanuele Bassi ebassi at gmail.com
Tue May 11 15:51:31 UTC 2021

Hi all;

it's time for the next Cairo snapshot. I'm thinking of spinning a 1.17.6
release by the end of this week, so if you have any pending merge requests
please ensure that they are either merged or review-ready and you have a
reviewer. I created the 1.17.6 milestone:


If you have developer access, please add the issues/MRs you care about to
that milestone; otherwise, ping me (@ebassi) on GitLab, and I'll do it for

My plan is to cut 1.17.6 as is, to get the ball rolling; also, to shake
down the release process.

For 1.17.8, the plan is:

 - clean up the repository
   - remove old documentation files
   - move documentation to Markdown
   - consolidate boilerplate/build gunk
 - Meson parity with Autotools on Linux, Windows, and macOS
 - drop the Autotools build
 - drop the known broken/unmaintained/abandoned upstream backends:
   - drm
   - qt
   - beos
   - OS/2
   - cogl
   - directfb
   - OpenVG
 - put the GL backend "on notice"
   - if somebody shows up and is willing to review and fix the issues, we
can keep it; otherwise, it goes

The deadline for the 1.17.8 release is in late-June/early-July. I've
created a 1.17.8 milestone for it:


Depending on the result for the GL backend, and a couple of additional
things I'm working on to simplify the build, we might do an intermediate

I want to spin 1.18.0 by late August, in order to be picked up by Fedora 35
and Ubuntu 21.10.


[@] ebassi [@gmail.com]
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