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> So, should I be trying to follow something like 
> http://wiki.u32.net/index.php?title=Git/publishing
> and scp a repo to my account? I've been leaning on git-push too long, I guess,
> time to learn a more distributed workflow - pointers appreciated.

You shouldn't have to do very much at all. You should get a git repository
created in your people.fredesktop.org account one way or another, (using scp
would work, as would just "mkdir cairo; GIT_DIR=cairo git init-db"). But once
it's created, all you need to populate it is git push, just like you're used

In fact, the best way for you to create the repositroy is to make it a local
clone of cairo's central repository. That is something like:

    git clone -l -s /git/cairo

Also you'll want to do the following:

    touch cairo/git-daemon-export-ok

to allow our repository to be made available via git:// protocol, (and to
appear at http://gitweb.freedesktop.org)


And you can also make a symlink from

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