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------- Comment #15 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-07-30 08:40 PST -------
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> How do you run cairo-perf?  I've never used it before.

The cairo-perf program is included with the cairo source distribution
in the cairo/perf directory. You can build and run it by simply typing
"make perf" at the top level of the cairo source distribution. Or you
can read cairo/perf/README for details on other ways of running it.

>                                                        The test case that I
> notice significant performance improvement is with using many documents in
> evince.  The tuned functions seem to be hit a lot when viewing PDF documents. 
> Can you run cairo-perf against evince?

No, there's no way to run cairo-perf against evince. It's not that
kind of tool. Instead, cairo-perf is a set of micro-benchmarks that
serve as the performance regression test suite for cairo. We use is to
attempt to ensure that no slowdowns are introduced from one release to
the next. And we also use it to quantify the benefits of any proposed
performance optimizations.

So, if you've got a proposed performance optimization, please run
cairo-perf to quantify its benefit, (and see the discussion of
cairo-perf-diff in the README for more hints on how to do this).

And if you run into a case where you're certain that your change has
some benefit that cairo-perf isn't showing, then it's quite easy to
augment cairo-perf, (and again the README has pointers on how to do
this). So, if you end up needing to do that, you should be able to use
evince to figure out what unique thing it might be doing that might
not be currently exercised by the cairo-perf suite. And if you google
for libcairowrap you might also find it helpful in extracting a
sequence of cairo calls from a complete program.

I hope that's helpful.


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