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--- Comment #48 from Brandon Wright <bearoso at gmail.com>  2008-06-03 01:20:44 PST ---
Carl or Behdad: Since Cairo is still fairly early in the pre-1.8 cycle, can you
push this to git master now? I'd hate to see this miss the feature-freeze

--- Comment #49 from Nicolaus L Hepler <nlhepler at gmail.com>  2008-07-27 17:48:15 PST ---
Allo Gentlemen,
I'm a gtk/cairo user with a particular interest in this bug & patch.
Before this series of patches went into Debian, I kept some of Mr. Turner's
patches around for my own use.
The development that has gone into these patches has __greatly__ increased the
usability of gtk & gnome for me, and I'd hate to see the work done lost in the
1.8 development cycle.
If the remaining patches around need some sprucing up, I wouldn't mind testing
my understanding of cairo innards to tidy them up a bit, given all the new and
cool changes Behdad has put into the font layers.
Consider this a gentle >>poke<< then gentlemen.


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