[cairo-bugs] [Bug 10301] LCD filtering patch

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Tue Jul 29 11:26:40 PDT 2008


--- Comment #50 from Behdad Esfahbod <freedesktop at behdad.org>  2008-07-29 11:26:37 PST ---
Thanks for the comments.

Actually current plan is to get 1.8 out in about a month.  Yes!

It would be nice if someone could test and update the patch to git master.  I
can commit after that then.

I also want to see what kind of filtering control, if any, Windows and OS X
native APIs provide.  Is there any hope of even implementing these new APIs for
those font backends or it will remain a FreeType-only thing?  Not that it's a
deal breaker, not at all.  Just want to know.


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