[cairo-bugs] [Bug 48320] User interface controls drawn using cairo are missing right-most pixel column

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--- Comment #2 from Da Fox <da_fox at mad.scientist.com> 2012-04-06 08:09:36 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I just learned that "clearlooks" is gtk2, right? Which exact version of gtk2
> and clearlooks etc?
> How could I reproduce this? With which widgets does this happen? I can see that
> the font selector (is that a drop down list?) doesn't have this bug.
> You said it happens with "many themes". Which? According to pmap, I am using
> murrine and gvim has no problems here.

This could very well be gtk2. Although I currently have both
x11-libs/gtk+-2.24.8-r1 and x11-libs/gtk+-3.2.3 installed, the application you
see in the screenshot is the xfce 4.8 (xfce-base/xfce4-settings-4.8.3)
'appearence settings dialog'. I think xfce is still based on gtk2. The
clearlooks theme seems to belong to x11-themes/gtk-engines-2.20.2. 

It seems to happen with 'many' widgets, unfortunately I cannot provide you with
an extensive list. However at least those shown on the screenshot seems to be
always affected. If you look closely you can see that there is a difference in
the rendering of the font-selector, too. Midway the bottom edge of the
font-selector the edge-color suddenly changes, whereas it does not on the left
window. Also the right-most column of pixels of the font-selector is painted

I don't know how best to suggest to reproduce this, but the most sure-fire way
would perhaps be to try this exact application (xfce4-appearance-settings).

In regards to themes, again I cannot offer you an exhaustive list, and
sometimes it seems to be that only some controls are affected, or perhaps it's
just hard to see, but some clear examples include: 
 - clearlooks
 - bluman
 - colorbit and colorbit-2
 - creamy
 - darker theme
 - glossywinter
 - halflight
 - human
 - ... etc

Other themes such as equgrains, fluid, or ges have issues with the rendering of
backgrounds or gradients, where strange patterns seem to appear (please let me
know if you'd like me to make a screenshot of this).

Other themes often misrender the 'close' button and the tabs.

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