[cairo-bugs] [Bug 89339] util/cairo-script: compilation errors on AIX (no member named '__jmpbuf')

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--- Comment #2 from Bryce Harrington <b.harrington at samsung.com> ---
In studying bug 89354, and googling around for best practices in order of
header inclusion, there seems to be a rough concensus[1] that you should
include in this order:

Given foo.c:
1.  "config.h"
2.  "foo.h"
3.  headers from the same component
4.  headers from other components
5.  system headers

The rationale here is to avoid hidden dependencies between headers.

For comparison, Google's coding style guide[2] swaps #3 and #5, arguing that
this ensures that build breaks show up first for people working on the files in
question, not for people in other projects.

Poking around Cairo .c files, the first form seems to be the more common
convention.  I think in the interest of consistency we should stick with that

But looking at the original problem, maybe header shuffling is the wrong way to
solve this.  The actual underlying problem here is a namespace conflict on
jmpbuf.  The _csi_scanner structure is not part of any public API, so how about
just renaming the member to jump_buffer?



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