[cairo-bugs] [Bug 89339] util/cairo-script: compilation errors on AIX (no member named '__jmpbuf')

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Michael Haubenwallner <michael.haubenwallner at ssi-schaefer.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Michael Haubenwallner <michael.haubenwallner at ssi-schaefer.com> ---
(In reply to Bryce Harrington from comment #2)
> In studying bug 89354, and googling around for best practices in order of
> header inclusion, there seems to be a rough concensus[1] that you should
> include in this order:

As long as "config.h" is included first, I don't really care which practice a
particular project does prefer.

> But looking at the original problem, maybe header shuffling is the wrong way
> to solve this.  The actual underlying problem here is a namespace conflict
> on jmpbuf.  The _csi_scanner structure is not part of any public API, so how
> about just renaming the member to jump_buffer?

Renaming is fine with me too.

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