[cairo-bugs] [Bug 103536] Windows filenames should be in UTF-8 encoding

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--- Comment #6 from Uli Schlachter <psychon at znc.in> ---
Comment on attachment 135230
  --> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=135230
Patch to use UTF-8 filenames on Windows

Review of attachment 135230:

Any specific reason why not all calls to fopen() would get this new treatment?
(Although I do agree that it would be a bit stupid for those cases with
hardcoded ASCII file names, but still, consistency-wise it might be a good

$ git grep fopen | wc -l
$ git grep fopen src/ | wc -l

(Only src/ might make sense since stuff outside of libcairo does not get access
to libcairo-internal symbols)

I don't have much of an opinion here, I'm just asking.

And API-doc-wise I want to mention the following callers of
_cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename which in turn end up getting the file
name from some public API:

$ git grep _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename
(const char *filename);
src/cairo-output-stream.c:_cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename (const char
src/cairo-pdf-surface.c:    output = _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename
src/cairo-ps-surface.c:    stream = _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename
src/cairo-script-surface.c:    stream =
_cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename (filename);
src/cairo-svg-surface.c:    stream = _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename
src/cairo-xml-surface.c:    stream = _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename

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