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Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
Date:   Wed Nov 15 13:30:16 2006 -0800

    NEWS: Add notes for 1.3.2 snapshot

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+Snapshot 1.3.2 (2006-11-14 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
+This is the first development snapshot since the 1.2 stable series
+branched off shortly after the 1.2.4 release in August 2006.
+This snapshot includes all the bug fixes from the 1.2.6 release,
+(since they originated here on the 1.3 branch first and were
+cherry-picked over to 1.2). But more importantly, it contains some new
+API in preparation for a future 1.4 release, and most importantly, it
+contains several performance improvements.
+The bug fixes will not be reviewed here, as most of them are already
+described in the 1.2.6 release notes. But details for the new API and
+some performance improvements are included here.
+As with all snapshots, this is experimental code, and the new API
+added here is still experimental and is not guaranteed to appear
+unchanged in any future release of cairo.
+API additions
+Several new API additions are available in this release. There is a
+common theme among all the additions in that they allow cairo to
+advertise information about its state that it was refusing to
+volunteer earlier. So this isn't groundbreaking new functionality, but
+it is essential for easily achieving several tasks.
+The new functions can be divided into three categories:
+	Getting information about the current clip region
+	-------------------------------------------------
+	cairo_clip_extents
+	cairo_copy_clip_rectangles
+	cairo_rectangle_list_destroy
+	Getting information about the current dash setting
+	--------------------------------------------------
+	cairo_get_dash_count
+	cairo_get_dash
+	Getting information from a pattern
+	----------------------------------
+	cairo_pattern_get_rgba
+	cairo_pattern_get_surface
+	cairo_pattern_get_color_stop_rgba
+	cairo_pattern_get_color_stop_count
+	cairo_pattern_get_linear_points
+	cairo_pattern_get_radial_circles
+In each of these areas, we have new API for providing a list of
+uniform values from cairo. The closest thing we had to this before was
+cairo_copy_path, (which is rather unique in providing a list of
+non-uniform data).
+The copy_clip_rectangles/rectangle_list_destroy functions follow a
+style similar to that of cairo_copy_path. Meanwhile, the dash and
+pattern color stop functions introduce a new style in which there is a
+single call to return the number of elements available (get_dash_count
+and get_color_stop_count) and then a function to be called once to get
+each element (get_dash and get_color_stop_rgba).
+I'm interested in hearing feedback from users of these new API
+functions, particularly from people writing language bindings. One
+open question is whether the clip "getter" functionality should adopt
+a style similar to that of the new dash and color_stop interfaces.
+API deprecation
+The CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565 enum value has been deprecated. It never
+worked as a format value for cairo_image_surface_create, and it wasn't
+necessary for supporting 16-bit 565 X server visuals.
+XCB backend changes
+The XCB backend has been updated to track the latest XCB API (which
+recently had a 1.0 release).
+New quartz backend
+Vladimir Vukicevic has written a new "native quartz" backend which
+will eventually replace the current "image-surface wrapping" quartz
+backend. For now, both backends are available, (the old one is
+"quartz" and the new one is "nquartz"). But it is anticipated that the
+new backend will replace the old one and take on the "quartz" name
+before this backend is marked as supported in a release of cairo.
+New OS/2 backend
+Doodle and Peter Weilbacher have contributed a new, experimental
+backend for using cairo on OS/2 systems.
+Performance improvements
+Here are some highlights from cairo's performance suite showing
+improvements from cairo 1.2.6 to cairo 1.3.2. The command used to
+generate this data is:
+	./cairo-perf-diff 1.2.6 HEAD
+available in the perf/ directory of a recent checkout of cairo's
+source, (the cairo-perf-diff script does require a git checkout and
+will not work from a tar file---though ./cairo-perf can still be used
+to generate a single report there and ./cairo-perf-diff-files can be
+used to compare two reports).
+Results are described below both for an x86 laptop (with an old Radeon
+video card, recent X.org build, XAA, free software drivers), as well
+as for a Nokia 770. First the x86 results with comments on each, (all
+times are reported in milliseconds).
+Copying subsets of an image surface to an xlib surface (much faster)
+ xlib-rgba              subimage_copy-512   10.50 ->   : 53.97x speedup
+Thanks to Christopher (Monty) Montgomery for this big performance
+improvement. Any application which has a large image surface and is
+copying small pieces of it at a time to an xlib surface, (imagine an
+application that loads a single image containing all the "sprites" for
+that application), will benefit from this fix. The larger the ratio of
+the image surface to the portion being copied, the larger the benefit.
+Floating-point conversion (3x faster)
+ xlib-rgba  pattern_create_radial-16    27.75 ->   3.93 :  2.94x speedup
+image-rgb   pattern_create_radial-16    26.06 ->   3.74 :  2.90x speedup
+Thanks to Daniel Amelang, (and others who had contributed the idea
+earlier), for this nice improvement in the speed of converting
+floating-point values to fixed-point.
+Text rendering (1.3 - 2x faster)
+ xlib-rgba text_image_rgba_source-256  319.73 ->  62.40 :  2.13x speedup
+image-rgb    text_solid_rgba_over-64     2.85 ->   0.88 :  1.35x speedup
+I don't think we've ever set out to improve text performance
+specifically, but we did it a bit anyway. I believe the extra
+improvement in the xlib backend is due to Monty's image copying fix
+above, and the rest is due to the floating-point conversion speedup.
+Thin stroke improvements (1.5x faster)
+image-rgb               world_map-800  1641.09 -> 414.77 :  1.65x speedup
+ xlib-rgba              world_map-800  1939.66 -> 529.94 :  1.52x speedup
+The most modest stuff to announce in this release is the 50%
+improvement I made in the world_map case. This is in improvement that
+should help basically anything that is doing strokes with many
+straight line segments, (and the thinner the better, since that makes
+tessellation dominate rasterization). The fixes here are to use a
+custom quadrilateral tessellator rather than the generic tessellator
+for straight line segments and the miter joins.
+Performance results from the Nokia 770
+ xlib-rgba          subimage_copy-512     55.88 ->     2.04 : 27.34x speedup
+ xlib-rgb     text_image_rgb_over-256   1487.58 ->   294.43 :  5.05x speedup
+image-rgb   pattern_create_radial-16     187.13 ->    91.86 :  2.04x speedup
+ xlib-rgba              world_map-800  21261.41 -> 15628.02 :  1.36x speedup
+Here we see that the subimage_copy improvement was only about half as
+large as the corresponding improvement on my laptop, (27x faster
+compared to 54x) and the floating-point conversion fix also was quite
+as significant, (2x compared to 3x). Oddly the improvement to text
+rendering performance was more than twice as good (5x compared to
+2x). I don't know what the reason for that is, but I don't think it's
+anything anybody should complain about.
 Release 1.2.6 (2006-11-02 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org>)
 This is the third bug fix release in the 1.2 series, coming less than
diff-tree a2d625edc62f35b4fbcefa6986918060f23fa1e6 (from eeb1fa42aa44e1422dcfcdc6eb772b764c3ced58)
Author: Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org>
Date:   Thu Nov 2 19:52:03 2006 -0500

    Add notes for the 1.2.6 release.

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index a4ec0c5..a816bd3 100644
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+Release 1.2.6 (2006-11-02 Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org>)
+This is the third bug fix release in the 1.2 series, coming less than
+two months after the 1.2.4 release made on August 18.
+The 1.2.4 release turned out to be a pretty solid one, except for a crasher
+bug when forwarding an X connection where the client and the server have
+varying byte orders, eg. from a PPC to an i686.  Other than that, various
+other small bugs have been fixed.
+Various improvements have been made in the testing infrastructure to prevent
+false positives, and to make sure the generated cairo shared object behaves as
+expected in terms of exported symbols and relocations.
+There were a total of 89 changes since 1.2.4.  The following list the most
+important ones:
+Common fixes
+- Avoid unsigned loop control variable to eliminate infinite,
+  memory-scribbling loop. (#7593)
+- Fix cairo_image_surface_create to report INVALID_FORMAT errors.
+  Previously the detected error was being lost and a nil surface was
+  returned that erroneously reported CAIRO_STATUS_NO_MEMORY.
+- Change _cairo_color_compute_shorts to not rely on any particular
+  floating-point epsilon value. (#7497)
+- Fix infinite-join test case (bug #8379)
+- Pass correct surface to create_similar in _cairo_clip_init_deep_copy().
+PS/PDF fixes
+- Fix Type 1 embedding in PDF.
+- Correct the value of /LastChar in the PDF Type 1 font dictionary.
+- Improve error checking in TrueType subsetting.
+- Compute right index when looking up left side bearing. (bug #8180)
+- Correct an unsigned to signed conversion problem in truetype subsetting
+  bbox.
+- Type1 subsetting: Don't put .notdef in Encoding when there are 256 glyphs.
+- Add cairo version to PS header / PDF document info dictionary.
+- Set CTM before path construction.
+Win32 fixes
+- Get correct unhinted outlines on win32. (bug 7603)
+- Make cairo as a win32 static library possible.
+- Use CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB24 for BITSPIXEL==32 surfaces too.
+Build system fixes
+- Define WINVER if it's not defined. (bug 6456)
+- Fix the AMD64 final link by removing SLIM from pixman.
+- Misc win32 compilation fixes.
+- Add Sun Pro C definition of pixman_private.
+- Use pixman_private consistently as prefix not suffix.
+- Added three tests check-plt.sh, check-def.sh, and check-header.sh that check
+  that the shared object, the .def file, and the public headers agree about
+  the exported symbols.
+- Require pkg-config 0.19. (#8686)
 Release 1.2.4 (2006-08-18 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
 This is the second bug fix release in the 1.2 series, coming less than

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