[cairo-commit] Changes to 'refs/tags/1.3.2'

Carl Worth cworth at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed Nov 15 15:15:46 PST 2006

Tag '1.3.2' created by Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> at 2006-11-15 22:18 -0800

cairo 1.3.2 snapshot
Version: GnuPG v1.4.5 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since 1.2.4:
Adrian Johnson:
      Get correct unhinted outlines on win32.
      Fix Type 1 embedding in PDF
      Correct the value of /LastChar in the PDF Type 1 font dictionary.
      Improve error checking in TrueType subsetting
      Generate Type 1 fonts from glyph outlines
      cairo-type1-fallback.c: return correct error status
      Correct an unsigned to signed conversion problem in truetype subsetting bbox
      Type 1 fallback fonts - use binary encoding in PDF files
      Type1 subsetting: Don't put .notdef in Encoding when there are 256 glyphs
      PS: Add cairo version to PS header
      PDF: Add cairo version to document info dictionary
      type1 fallback: ensure all functions perform correct status checking
      PS: Use xshow/yshow/xyshow for strings of glyphs
      Add OpenType/CFF Subsetting

Alfred Peng:
      Add Sun Pro C definition of pixman_private
      Use pixman_private consistently as prefix not suffix

Behdad Esfahbod:
      [Makefile.am] Remove unnecessary parantheses that were causing trouble with old bash
      [ROADMAP] Add glyph cache inspection to 1.4 roadmap
      [TODO] Add cairo_get_scaled_font
      [ROADMAP] Remove 1.2.4 stuff out of the way
      [test] bufferdiff: take abs of the pixel diffs.  Oops!
      [image] Print out cairo version in the unsupported-format message
      Bug #7593: Avoid unsigned loop control variable to eliminate infinite, memory-scribbling loop.
      [xlib] Bug 7593: rewrite loop to be more readable, and fix warnings
      [PNG] Mark status volatile to fix gcc warning
      [test] Add 128 to any diff component such that differences are visible
      [test] Use $(srcdir) to find valgrind supressions
      [test] Use FcFreeTypeQuery
      [configure] Invalidate cached warning flags if list of flags changes
      [Makefile] Fix typo
      [Makefile] Add perf to DIST_SUBDIRS
      [perf/Makefile] Unset DIST_SUBDIRS
      [test/Makefile] Unset DIST_SUBDIRS
      Add scripts to sanity check the shared object for exported and PLT symbols
      [x86-64] check-plt.sh: match on JU?MP_SLO as on x86-64 "SLOT" is truncated
      configure.in: Require automake version 1.9 here too
      cairo_show_glphs: Mark glyphs argument as const.
      [ROADMAP] Check RGB16_565 deprecated
      [ROADMAP] Add polling API
      check-headers.sh:  Add a test for cairo_public decorators in public headers
      cairo-pdf.h: Add missing cairo_public decorators
      cairo-directfb.h: Add missing cairo_public decorators
      cairo-nquartz.h: Add missing cairo_public decorators.
      check-def.sh: Only allow _cairo_.*_test_.* symbols, not all _cairo.* ones
      [configure] Print out whether SVG and PDF surfaces can be tested
      [check-headers.sh] Don't use '\>' regexp syntax
      [Makefile.am] Pass srcdir down to the tests
      [slim] hide cairo_pattern_status() #8551
      [slim] hide cairo_glitz_surface_create() (#8551)
      [configure.in] Require pkg-config 0.19. (#8686)
      [test] Make sure tests are not relinked unnecessarily
      [perf] Remove SUBDIRS=../boilerplate and add explicit dependencies
      Make autogen.sh extract required versions from configure.in
      Require automake 1.7 again
      [PDF] Set CTM before path construction
      [autogen.sh] Make sed script portable
      [Makefile.am] Minor fixes in release-publish output
      [Makefile.am] Pass tag message to git-tag in release-publish
      [configure] Err if a suitable pkg-config is not found
      Fix typo.
      Add notes for the 1.2.6 release.

Benjamin Otte:
      boilerplate: Fix compilation for glitz.
      perf: Add yield and fix double comparison
      perf: Make cairo_perf_timer structure private. Make timer functions void.

Carl Worth:
      Increment version to 1.2.5 after making the 1.2.4 release
      Add -Wextra (as well as -Wno-missing-field-initializers -Wno-unused-parameter)
      Put static first to avoid compiler warning.
      Eliminate conditions checking for unsigned or enum values less than 0.
      Split libcairotest files out from test/ and into boilerplate/
      test: Add link to test log file in HTML output
      Add boilerplate/README explaining its purpose
      Separate the sharable stuff out of cairo-test.c into cairo-boilerplate.c
      boilerplate: Remove custom read/write-png code in favor of using cairo surfaces
      Move test-specific stuff out of boilerplate/ and back into test/
      test: Ignore single-bit errors for SVG backend.
      perf: Add initial skeleton of performance monitoring suite
      Require librsvg >= 2.14.0 to test SVG backend
      boilerplate: Fix missing include of config.h which was preventing many backends from being tested
      perf: Don't measure meta-surface-backed surface types.
      Initial hookup of Vlad's timer/alarm code
      perf: Remove unused util.c
      perf: Collapse timing.[ch] down into cairo-perf.[ch]
      perf: Don't require a separate counter from the timer for perf loops.
      perf: More simplification of PERF_LOOP macros.
      perf: Rename timer-alarm files to cairo-perf-timer
      perf: More consistency improvements for names.
      perf: Drop separate setup function from each test case.
      Make perf interface return a rate. Start print target and test names.
      perf: Fix typo in backend blackballing so that image tests now run
      perf: Add indication of content to output
      perf: Run for multiple iterations and print std. deviation
      perf: Switch from alarm to setitimer for more fine-grained control of timers
      Two big improvements to bring the std. deviation down to where we want it.
      perf: Add README file explaining how to add a new test
      perf/README: Fix typo
      bug 8104: Eliminate unused variables. Replicate assert statement to identify branch of interest.
      pixman: Add pixman_private decorations to hide pixman symbols from public interface
      Add many missing slim_hidden calls to bypass PLT entries for local use of public functions
      slim_hidden_proto: Move smeicolon from definition to use for consistency and legibility
      RELEASING: Add note on checking for local symbol PLT entries.
      Move target tolerance to cairo_test_target structure (should let single-pixel SVG errors pass)
      perf: Remove unused alarm functions
      perf: Fold cairo-perf-timer.h into cairo-perf.h
      perf: Rename functions in line with cairo's naming guidelines
      perf: Report times not rates. Interface in integers not doubles.
      perf: Move sorting and discarding outside of compute_stats. Adjust discard to slowest 15% only.
      perf-paint: Spend more iterations on smaller sizes to balance testing.
      perf/README: Update due to cairo_perf_timer API changes
      Prefer CPU performance counters (if available) over gettimeofday.
      perf: Fix cairo_perf_ticks_per_second to avoid wraparound
      perf: Handle 32-bit wraparound of performance counter
      perf: Allow CAIRO_TEST_TARGET to limit targets tested.
      perf: Add tessellate test case (in -16, -64, and -256 varieties)
      autogen.sh: Require automake version 1.9
      test: Report details errors when image output files cannot be found.
      Make _cairo_output_stream_destroy return the stream's status as a last gasp.
      Use new return value from _cairo_output_stream_destroy
      Check status value of output_stream object at time of destroy
      Remove font->status from cairo_type1_font_t
      cairo_type1_font_create: Fix missing NO_MEMORY check and cleanup style.
      cairo-type1-fallback.c: Regularize some whitespace.
      Add _cairo_array_size to allow querying the allocated size
      type1: Enforce pre-allocation usage and fail-proof behavior of charstring_encode functions
      Fix bitmap-font test failure by not generating a type1 font for a bitmap font.
      boilerplate: Rename cairo_test_target_t to cairo_boilerplate_target_t
      Use unsigned consistently to avoid compiler warning.
      test/bitmap-font: Fix arguments to FcFreeTypeQuery to avoid warnings.
      boilerplate: Allow targets to distinguish between test and perf.
      boilerplate-xlib: New perf-specific surface creation for xlib backend.
      perf: Don't skip COLOR tests
      perf: Make xlib testing wait for the X server to finish rendering.
      Deprecated CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565. Add cairo-deprecated.h .
      Move the REPLACED/DEPRECATED_BY macros from cairo.h to cairo-deprecated.h
      Fix typo in error message (enhacement -> enhancement)
      Add missing pixman_private to _FbOnes when a function.
      Add test case from bug #8379 demonstrating infinite loop during round join
      Add assert statement so the infinite-join test simply exits rather than looping infinitely.
      ROADMAP: Add infinite-join bug (#8379) to the list for 1.4
      ROADMAP: Add a couple of URLs for user-font API discussion
      Fix cairo_copy_path and cairo_copy_path_flat to propagate errors.
      Rename test from stale path-data name to copy-path
      perf: Rework the suite to allow multiple performance tests to be defined in one file.
      Fix typo in documentation of cairo_in_fill (thanks to Jonathan Watt) and clarify a bit.
      tmpl: obnoxious churn
      Use consistent wording to document cairo_in_fill, cairo_in_stroke, cairo_fill_extents, and cairo_stroke_extents.
      Fix Makefile bug preventing 'make doc' from succeeding
      Rename docs-publish target to doc-publish in order to be consistent with the doc target.
      Fix dependency of 'make doc' so that necessary header files are built first.
      Add documentation for cairo_rectangle_list_destroy
      Add missing 'Since: 1.4' tags to documentation of 'clip getter' functions.
      perf/paint: Make all sizes use a consistent number of iterations
      perf: Move the per-size loop from cairo_perf_run to main
      perf: Make cairo_t* available to perf functions
      perf/paint: Dramatically simplify now that we don't need one callback per run.
      perf/paint: Use loops for sources and operators rather than open coding.
      perf/paint: Test image surface as well as similar surface sources
      Fix cairo_image_surface_create to report INVALID_FORMAT errors.
      Cast to squelch warning message
      Add new _cairo_pattern_create_for_status so that patterns properly propagate errors.
      Rename the create_for_status pattern to create_in_error.
      Remove unused variable
      perf: Move iteration over sources and operators from paint to new cairo-perf-cover
      perf: Add stroke and fill tests
      Shorten test names in output (drop unneeded _source and _surface)
      perf: Add linear and radial gradients to the coverage
      perf: Bail if cairo_status returns non-success at the end of a test.
      Fix typo that was resulting in device glyph_extents of INT16_MAX in some cases.
      perf: Add text test
      perf: Add subimage_copy test to demonstrate performance bug found by monty
      perf: Do backend synchronization in cairo_perf_timer_start as well as cairo_perf_timer_stop
      perf: Rename finalize to synchronize as it is used in both start() and stop() now
      Fix typo of , instead of || which was causing a test to be ignored
      perf: Make iterations adaptive (bailing as soon as std. deviation is <= 3% for 5 consecutive iterations
      Rename wait_for_rendering to syncrhonize
      Bug #7497: Change _cairo_color_compute_shorts to not rely on any particular floating-point epsilon value.
      perf: Change minimum size of paint test to 256
      cairo-perf: Remove wasted whitespace in output. Squelch wanring.
      perf: Print ticks as well as ms in output.
      Add cairo-perf-diff program for comparing two cairo-perf reports.
      test/infinite-join: Modify to draw something visible, and make the output a more reasonable size.
      Fix infinite-join test case (bug #8379)
      Merge branch '8379' into cairo
      Add neglected reference images for infinite-join test
      Use zero-size change bar for a speedup/slowdown of 1.0
      test: Add clip-push-group to demonstrate crash in cairo_push_group
      clip-push-group: Adjust test slightly to ensure mask-based clip is not anchored at the origin
      Fix bug in _cairo_clip_init_deep_copy (fixes clip-push-group crash)
      test: Update reference images due to previous change to _cairo_color_compute_shorts
      8711: Fix transformed source surface patterns with xlib backend.
      Fix repeating source surface patterns with xlib backend.
      Add new paint-repeat test
      test/paint-repeat: Use offset larger than source surface for better stress testing
      Fix offset/extent bug in ps output for repeating source surface patterns
      Fix typo
      Add new cairo-perf-diff for finding the performance difference between any 2 revisions.
      Make xlib and xcb backends tolerant of single-bit errors in the test suite output.
      cairo-perf-diff: Simplify git usage and just run cairo-perf that gets built with cairo revision
      cairo-perf: Change outlier elimination and report minimum times.
      Remove typo (mean vs median)
      Increment CAIRO_VERSION to 1.3.1 now that a 1.2.6 release exists
      cairo-perf-diff: Fix to still function if run from the top-level directory containing .git
      cairo-perf-diff: Build and run latest cairo-perf program rather than whatever was in the old checkout
      Don't rely on NQUARTZ or OS2 surface types unless they exist.
      cairo-perf-diff: Use two-part hash to avoid stale data when perf suite changes.
      Add zrusin-another test cases (tessellate and fill).
      cairo-perf: Add command line options for test cases to run, listing tests, and new raw mode.
      test/Makefile.am: Fix typo in EXTRA_DIST that was breaking distcheck
      Rewrite _cairo_matrix_transform_bounding_box to actually accept a box not a rectangle
      boilerplate: Add xrealloc function
      perf: Move statistics code into new cairo-stats.h for sharing
      cairo-perf: Print ticks_per_ms value in raw mode so raw analysis tools can report times
      cairo-perf-diff-files: Add support for diffing "raw" files from "cairo-perf -r"
      perf/Makefile.am: Add missing zrusin-another.h file to list
      perf: Add world-map performance test case.
      Fix broken size calculation for xrealloc
      cairo-perf-diff: Allow incremental refinement of performance results
      cairo-perf-diff: Separate old and new build directories
      cairo-perf-diff: Use rsync instead of cp to avoid some unnecessary rebuilding
      cairo-perf-diff: rsync only git-managed files from boilerplate/perf
      Add a status field to cairo_traps_t to enable less error checking
      Rewrite tessellate_rectangle as tessellate_convex_quad to make it more useful
      Make _cairo_stroker_add_sub_edge use tessellate_convex_quad rather than tessellate_polygon
      Make miter join code use tessellate_convex_quad rather than tessellate_polygon
      cairo-perf-diff: Run git-ls-tree from the correct directory
      Remove non-existent reference images from Makefile to avoid breaking distcheck target
      Fix get-clip test for surfaces not implementing set_clip_region
      Add missing pattern-getters-ref.png to Makefile to avoid breaking distcheck target
      NEWS: Add notes for 1.3.2 snapshot
      Update cairo version and libtool version for 1.3.2 snapshot

Christian Biesinger:
      fix comment: pixman_private needs to be before the type of a variable
      [win32] Add missing void
      Fix win32 build when pthreads are available
      Add missing ) in comment
      Actually return a value from _cairo_type1_fallback_init_*
      Fix prototype warning by including cairo-test-directfb.h
      Don't return an uninitialized value if _cairo_output_stream_create fails
      [beos] Fix build error
      [win32] Add parentheses around & operator
      [beos] make tests compile again
      [beos] Allow a pixel error of 1 for BeOS tests

Christopher (Monty) Montgomery:
      Add extents to clone_similar (fixing subimage_copy performance bug)

Dan Amelang:
      Add new perf test "pattern_create_radial"
      Add autoconf macro AX_C_FLOAT_WORDS_BIGENDIAN
      Change _cairo_fixed_from_double to use the "magic number" technique

Ian Osgood:
      Update XCB names for XCB 1.0 RC2 release.
      Replace static fn with xcb-renderutil library fn.
      XCB: Remove unnecessary differences with the Xlib surface.
      Move XCB sections next to XLIB sections.
      XCB: glyph rendering support
      XCB: find_standard_format using wrong enumeration.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://iano@git.cairographics.org/git/cairo
      XCB: implement subimage_copy fix
      XCB: bring composite, trapezoids up-to-date with Xlib
      XCB: make create_internal match Xlib
      bug: wrong xcb_copy_area param order
      don't squish tiny images in test/index.html

Jamey Sharp:
      XCB: add slim_hidden_proto and slim_hidden_def for cairo_xcb_surface_create_with_xrender_format.
      XCB: update cairo-boilerplate to test for an error connection rather than NULL.
      Update .gitignore in boilerplate and test.
      [slim] hide cairo_version_string()
      XCB: Add the have_clip_rects field to cairo_xcb_surface, to match the Xlib surface.
      XCB: Move slim_hidden_def to cairo-xcb-surface.c, not cairo-xcb-xrender.h.
      Add clip-push-group to .gitignore.
      perf: cairo-perf-diff-files.c should generate cairo-perf-diff-files
      XCB/perf: implement boilerplate_xcb_synchronize for fair performance tests.

Jinghua Luo:
      glitz: fix a crash in _cairo_glitz_surface_get_image.
      glitz: fix for clone similar.
      glitz: fix test case glyph-cache-pressure.
      glitz: don't go fackback path for bitmap glyphs.
      glitz: my previous changes in _cairo_glitz_surface_create_similar is
      glitz: further fix for clone_similar.
      glitz: fix a memory leak in _cairo_glitz_surface_composite_trapezoids.

Kristian Høgsberg:
      Compute right index when looking up left side bearing.

Michael Emmel:
      Fixed directfb test code
      Fixed test to compile
      Fixed test to compile
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo

Nicholas Miell:
      Make the SLIM macros robust in the face of macro-renamed symbols
      Fix the AMD64 final link by removing SLIM from pixman

Peter Weilbacher:
      OS/2 backend files
      OS/2 build changes

Robert O'Callahan:
      Fix _cairo_matrix_transform_bounding_box to return tightness info
      Fix stroke/fill extents bounding boxes
      Add clip getters API + tests
      Remove redundant call to _cairo_surface_get_extents

Stuart Parmenter:
      [win32] correct win32 show_glyphs for non-y-aligned text

Vladimir Vukicevic:
      Add useful pieces from Vladimir's cairo-bench
      [win32] Make cairo as a win32 static library possible
      [win32] Misc win32 compilation fixes
      [win32] win32-specific Makefiles for building with MSVC
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo into cairo-master
      Improve make-html.pl, add self-contained output format
      [win32] Fix boilerplate for win32 surfaces to use new _with_dib function
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo into cairo-master
      Correctly acquire/release mutex in _cairo_scaled_font_map_destroy
      [win32] Makefile.win32: fix test and add html targets
      [win32] Makefile.win32: use correct (/MD) runtime library flag everywhere
      [win32] Set win32 assertion failure handlers for tests to stderr
      Check for valid path status value before calling _cairo_set_error
      [win32] Support for DDBs, AlphaBlend fix
      [nquartz] Initial commit of native quartz surface
      [win32,perf] Fix cairo-perf-win32
      [perf] Change perf output format, report times in ms, add a few paint tests
      Add win32 output files to gitignore
      dash and pattern getter functions
      [nquartz] Return correct values from operation setup function
      [test] Fix composite-integer-translate-over test
      [win32] Update pixman MMX code to work with MSVC
      [win32] clean up win32_surface_composite
      [win32] implement EXTEND_REPEAT in composite when possible

Yevgen Muntyan:
      Define WINVER if it's not defined. (bug 6456)

 .gitignore                                               |    5 
 Makefile.am                                              |   29 
 Makefile.win32                                           |   30 
 NEWS                                                     |  239 +
 RELEASING                                                |    8 
 ROADMAP                                                  |   25 
 TODO                                                     |    1 
 acinclude.m4                                             |   65 
 autogen.sh                                               |   41 
 boilerplate/.gitignore                                   |   10 
 boilerplate/Makefile.am                                  |   42 
 boilerplate/Makefile.win32                               |   18 
 boilerplate/README                                       |   14 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate.c                          | 1572 +++++++++++++
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate.h                          |  138 +
 boilerplate/cairo-test-beos.cpp                          |   44 
 boilerplate/cairo-test-beos.h                            |   34 
 boilerplate/cairo-test-directfb.c                        |   76 
 boilerplate/cairo-test-directfb.h                        |   23 
 boilerplate/xmalloc.c                                    |   18 
 boilerplate/xmalloc.h                                    |    3 
 configure.in                                             |  135 -
 dev/null                                                 |binary
 doc/Makefile.am                                          |    2 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-image.sgml                         |    1 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-status.sgml                        |   48 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-surface.sgml                       |  112 
 perf/.gitignore                                          |   10 
 perf/Makefile.am                                         |   57 
 perf/Makefile.win32                                      |   16 
 perf/README                                              |  101 
 perf/cairo-perf-cover.c                                  |  236 +
 perf/cairo-perf-diff                                     |  164 +
 perf/cairo-perf-diff-files.c                             |  575 ++++
 perf/cairo-perf-posix.c                                  |  204 +
 perf/cairo-perf-win32.c                                  |   89 
 perf/cairo-perf.c                                        |  325 ++
 perf/cairo-perf.h                                        |  104 
 perf/cairo-stats.c                                       |  103 
 perf/cairo-stats.h                                       |   44 
 perf/fill.c                                              |   30 
 perf/paint.c                                             |   25 
 perf/pattern_create_radial.c                             |   98 
 perf/stroke.c                                            |   51 
 perf/subimage_copy.c                                     |   71 
 perf/tessellate.c                                        |  174 +
 perf/text.c                                              |   61 
 perf/world-map.c                                         |  107 
 perf/world-map.h                                         |  196 +
 perf/zrusin-another.h                                    |  668 +++++
 perf/zrusin.c                                            |   90 
 pixman/src/.gitignore                                    |    3 
 pixman/src/Makefile.win32                                |   35 
 pixman/src/fbmmx.c                                       |  187 -
 pixman/src/fbmmx.h                                       |   21 
 pixman/src/fbpict.c                                      |   58 
 pixman/src/iccolor.c                                     |    1 
 pixman/src/icformat.c                                    |    1 
 pixman/src/icimage.c                                     |    4 
 pixman/src/icimage.h                                     |    2 
 pixman/src/icint.h                                       |   17 
 pixman/src/icrect.c                                      |    1 
 pixman/src/icrop.h                                       |    4 
 pixman/src/pixman.h                                      |  108 
 pixman/src/pixregion.c                                   |    8 
 pixman/src/renderedge.h                                  |   10 
 pixman/src/slim_internal.h                               |   13 
 src/.gitignore                                           |    7 
 src/Makefile.am                                          |   37 
 src/Makefile.win32                                       |  108 
 src/cairo-array.c                                        |   14 
 src/cairo-atsui-font.c                                   |  122 -
 src/cairo-beos-surface.cpp                               |   20 
 src/cairo-cff-subset.c                                   | 1452 ++++++++++++
 src/cairo-clip-private.h                                 |    5 
 src/cairo-clip.c                                         |  144 +
 src/cairo-color.c                                        |   24 
 src/cairo-deprecated.h                                   |  139 +
 src/cairo-directfb-surface.c                             |   18 
 src/cairo-directfb.h                                     |    3 
 src/cairo-fixed.c                                        |   48 
 src/cairo-font-options.c                                 |    9 
 src/cairo-font.c                                         |    2 
 src/cairo-ft-font.c                                      |   12 
 src/cairo-ft-private.h                                   |    7 
 src/cairo-glitz-private.h                                |   41 
 src/cairo-glitz-surface.c                                |  121 -
 src/cairo-gstate.c                                       |  107 
 src/cairo-image-surface.c                                |   69 
 src/cairo-matrix.c                                       |   60 
 src/cairo-nquartz-surface.c                              | 1809 +++++++++++++++
 src/cairo-nquartz.h                                      |   80 
 src/cairo-os2-private.h                                  |   77 
 src/cairo-os2-surface.c                                  | 1135 +++++++++
 src/cairo-os2.h                                          |  201 +
 src/cairo-output-stream-private.h                        |   12 
 src/cairo-output-stream.c                                |   26 
 src/cairo-path-data-private.h                            |    3 
 src/cairo-path-data.c                                    |   16 
 src/cairo-path-stroke.c                                  |   51 
 src/cairo-pattern.c                                      |  369 ++-
 src/cairo-pdf-surface.c                                  |  201 +
 src/cairo-pdf.h                                          |    2 
 src/cairo-pen.c                                          |    7 
 src/cairo-png.c                                          |    3 
 src/cairo-ps-surface.c                                   |  270 +-
 src/cairo-quartz-private.h                               |    9 
 src/cairo-scaled-font-subsets-private.h                  |   97 
 src/cairo-scaled-font.c                                  |   24 
 src/cairo-surface-fallback.c                             |    4 
 src/cairo-surface.c                                      |   24 
 src/cairo-svg-surface.c                                  |    7 
 src/cairo-traps.c                                        |  251 +-
 src/cairo-truetype-subset-private.h                      |    1 
 src/cairo-truetype-subset.c                              |   55 
 src/cairo-type1-fallback.c                               |  790 ++++++
 src/cairo-type1-subset.c                                 |   15 
 src/cairo-win32-font.c                                   |  114 
 src/cairo-win32-private.h                                |   28 
 src/cairo-win32-surface.c                                |  877 ++++++-
 src/cairo-win32.h                                        |   17 
 src/cairo-xcb-surface.c                                  | 1687 +++++++++++--
 src/cairo-xcb-xrender.h                                  |   12 
 src/cairo-xcb.h                                          |   14 
 src/cairo-xlib-private.h                                 |    7 
 src/cairo-xlib-surface.c                                 |   24 
 src/cairo.c                                              |  222 +
 src/cairo.h                                              |  188 -
 src/cairoint.h                                           |  198 +
 src/check-def.sh                                         |   31 
 src/check-headers.sh                                     |   21 
 src/check-plt.sh                                         |   17 
 src/test-fallback-surface.c                              |    3 
 test/.gitignore                                          |   13 
 test/Makefile.am                                         |   75 
 test/Makefile.win32                                      |  112 
 test/bitmap-font.c                                       |   10 
 test/buffer-diff.c                                       |  351 +-
 test/buffer-diff.h                                       |   63 
 test/cairo-test-beos.h                                   |   26 
 test/cairo-test-directfb.h                               |   23 
 test/cairo-test.c                                        | 1556 ------------
 test/cairo-test.h                                        |   21 
 test/caps-joins-alpha-ref.png                            |binary
 test/clip-push-group-ref.png                             |binary
 test/clip-push-group.c                                   |   75 
 test/composite-integer-translate-over-pdf-argb32-ref.png |    0 
 test/composite-integer-translate-over-ref.png            |binary
 test/composite-integer-translate-over-svg-ref.png        |    0 
 test/composite-integer-translate-over.c                  |   27 
 test/copy-path.c                                         |   30 
 test/fill-and-stroke-alpha-add-ref.png                   |binary
 test/fill-and-stroke-alpha-ref.png                       |binary
 test/get-and-set.c                                       |   39 
 test/get-clip.c                                          |  285 ++
 test/get-path-extents.c                                  |  199 +
 test/imagediff.c                                         |   21 
 test/infinite-join-ps-argb32-ref.png                     |binary
 test/infinite-join-ref.png                               |binary
 test/infinite-join.c                                     |   80 
 test/linear-gradient-ref.png                             |binary
 test/make-html.pl                                        |  101 
 test/mask-beos-bitmap-argb32-ref.png                     |    0 
 test/mask-beos-bitmap-rgb24-ref.png                      |    0 
 test/mask-beos-rgb24-ref.png                             |    0 
 test/mask-ref.png                                        |binary
 test/mask-rgb24-ref.png                                  |binary
 test/operator-source-ref.png                             |binary
 test/operator-source-rgb24-ref.png                       |binary
 test/paint-repeat-ref.png                                |binary
 test/paint-repeat.c                                      |   68 
 test/paint-source-alpha-pdf-argb32-ref.png               |binary
 test/paint-source-alpha-ref.png                          |binary
 test/paint-with-alpha-ref.png                            |binary
 test/pattern-getters-ref.png                             |binary
 test/pattern-getters.c                                   |  175 +
 test/push-group-ref.png                                  |binary
 test/push-group-rgb24-ref.png                            |binary
 test/read-png.c                                          |  196 -
 test/read-png.h                                          |   45 
 test/set-source-beos-bitmap-rgb24-ref.png                |    0 
 test/set-source-beos-rgb24-ref.png                       |    0 
 test/set-source-ref.png                                  |binary
 test/set-source.c                                        |    4 
 test/trap-clip-beos-bitmap-rgb24-ref.png                 |    0 
 test/trap-clip-beos-rgb24-ref.png                        |    0 
 test/trap-clip-ref.png                                   |binary
 test/write-png.c                                         |   99 
 test/write-png.h                                         |   35 
 test/xlib-surface.c                                      |   75 
 190 files changed, 18402 insertions(+), 3775 deletions(-)

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